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If you believe no one other than you is accountable for your personal prosperity, you are in the right place.

If you believe the road to your best personal achievement is paved by role models who pioneered the path before you, you are in the right place.

By the right place, we mean a depository of articles, posts, eBooks, audio, and video designed to equip you for personal success.

Personal success as you define it!

Personal Prosperity None of Us As Smart As All Of Us

Why do we say “Personal success as you define it“?

Because we believe success is a choice.  It is a choice you make.

More importantly, it is success as you define it.

Yes, there are common steps each of us take on our journey. We may even share the path part of the way.

Robert Frost penned in The Road Not Taken, “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both …” Such is life.

Not every road can be travelled. Not every path followed. What is, was, and will continue to be is that the path you take is the one you decide best meets your dreams, desires, ambition.

The nugget is that you need not travel the whole way on your own.

Ken Blanchard coined the phrase “None of us is as smart as all of us”.

Because you are here, my guess is you realize winners, champions, top achievers excel because they deliberately invest in their personal development? They find their way based on bread-crumbs, footprints of those who have travelled the path before them.

If that is you, you are absolutely in the right place.

Personal Prosperity Action Required

Invest in you. That is your next step.

Far too many people believe they have completed their education when they leave school. Don’t be one of them.

Education starts with your first breath. From the day you were born, maybe even before you left the womb, you are learning. That learning journey continues through your whole life.

We label that ongoing education, change.

My dad would say to me “Change. Let me tell you about change. I was born when the bathroom was an outhouse. I’ve gone from the horse and buggy to man on the moon.

Whew, that is a lot of change.

Yet, through it all, dad continued to learn. Not because he sat down and mapped out a plan to better himself. It was because he had to learn simply to function in a changing world.

Doorstep Publications Change Is Inevitable

Functioning in a changing world is not the kind of invest in you plan referenced here.

The action step for you is to engage in the eBooks, audio, video, and blog posts that will equip you to achieve what it is you define as success.

Invest in you, take action, act by selecting the personal prosperity material that will catapult you to your destination.

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Some suggest this phrase originated with Benjamin Franklin. Others say it is from an earlier time. Regardless of who made this comment, it holds as true today as it did when first stated.

If you determine that where you are today, the knowledge you have today, is good enough, you need to think that over.

Let’s say you are a machinist with 5-years experience. Are the tools the same today as when you completed your apprenticeship? Have the techniques and processes stayed the same?

What if you are promoted from team member to small group leader, foreman, or supervisor, are the skills you had as a worker enough to lead people.

Sure, someone above you sees the potential you have. But what new skills do you need to give instruction, direction, and feedback to the people in your charge?

Nothing ventured nothing gained suggests you need to take some risk to achieve your dreams or your definition of success. That risk can be minimized by putting effort into your personal development, personal prosperity.

In other words, moving ahead means you are responsible for minimizing the opportunity for failure by equipping yourself with the skills to succeed.

I’m Happy Just Where I Am

Doorstep Publications Elevator Operator

If that is you, happy just where you are, here is a newsflash – you are falling behind.

Years ago, there were elevator operators. That’s right. You would walk into the elevator of a high-rise business office or retail store and there was actually a person who would say “Floor please”. He or she would then move the lever or push the button to take you to that floor. In retail stores, the elevator operator would even announce what was on that floor, “Fifth floor, sporting goods”.

I’m happy just where I am assumes the ‘just where I am’ will always be there. I suspect some elevator operators felt that way.

Change will happen. Change will impact what it is you do. Change is inevitable.

Conclusion and Action Plan

Perhaps Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror” sums up nicely the responsibility you need to take for you. The lyrics of the song say that for change to happen you must look at the man or woman in the mirror.

Is that it? Yep. That is about it.

Well just about it. If you have read this far, now you know change is inevitable. You now know that you and only you are responsible for investing in your personal prosperity.

You now know to achieve your dreams, your goals, your ambitions the choice rests with you.

What now?

Invest in you. That is your next step. That is the action plan you need to decide upon now.

Not tomorrow.