Affiliate marketing with no list should not prevent you from starting an online business. Below, I will provide you with a real example demonstrating how people who do not have an email list are successfully earning commissions online.

Affiliate Marketing Powerful Solution When You Don't Have a List

Affiliate Marketing With NO List

There is a common misconception among people desiring to earn an income from affiliate marketing that you need some huge following or list to make a decent living in affiliate marketing.

This is not necessarily so. It is a misconception.

I have met, and worked with, a number of successful affiliate marketers in my life. Guess what. Over 80% of them did not have a following or any audience when they started their online business.

Why were they successful?

Because they were promoting valuable products that people were already searching to buy.

You Do Not Need A List to Make Money Online

When I first started making money online, I did not have a following. In fact, I was not even sure about what an email list was.

Even so, I was still able to be successful. I was able to earn commissions.


Not all traffic is equal. Get it?

Not all traffic is equal.

What does that mean?

Simply this. Creating basic content that shows up for what people are already searching to buy will always convert higher than anything you do on Instagram or Facebook.

My BBQ Thermometer Experience

Here is an example of what I am talking about.

I like to BBQ.

When doing a roast or something large, I prefer not to hang around the BBQ while it cooks.

So, I have a remote thermometer. I can be sitting with my guests of just sitting with my feet up enjoying a cold one.

The remote temperature reader is clipped to my belt. I can check it or just wait for it to beep when the temperature prong in the meat reaches the pre-set temperature. This is really convenient.

Unfortunately, I dropped it. So, I started doing all kinds of searches online for a replacement.

There were several to choose from. Which one did I buy?

I ordered one based on someone’s review.

Affiliate Marketing With No List Doorstep Publications

The person wrote a comparison between several BBQ Thermometer models. I knew she did not actually stock them. I also knew she was just doing the review in hopes that someone who was looking for a BBQ Thermometer would order one through her website.

The review provided good information. It helped me make my decision.

And just like what she hoped for, that is exactly what happened. I got what I wanted, and she got what she wanted – a commission 🙂

Affiliate Income Without a List Yes Can Do

See what happened in my BBQ example.

I was not on her list. I was simply searching for something.

All she did was provide valuable information.

This is good news if you do not have a list.

Even better is that you can do this to; if you are seriously interested in making money online.

And, if you are willing to put in a little work, then you do not need a big list to be successful.

What you do need is the 12-Minute Affiliate Program.

The 12-Minute Affiliate program is an ALL-IN-ONE digital marketing platform.

Affiliate Marketing With No List Summary

In the world of online affiliate marketing, you have choices. Whether you want to save time and use paid advertising, or you want to save money and use organic traffic, 12-Minute Affiliate program is for you.

The 12-Minute Affiliate program is for you because either way this means you have the ability to make as many sales as you want.

Whether you are looking for a BBQ thermometer or an egg timer, the newest novel from you favourite author or new clothes, a web hosting service or bank loan, someone online has an affiliate link waiting for you.

And guess what, most of the sales they make are through people, people just like you, who are not on their list.

Can it be that easy. Absolutely!

Question: What would you suggest as the best way to build a list?
Let us know in the comments below.

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