3 Proven Email Design Tactics to Easily Seize More Eyeballs

The purpose of email design tactics is to indeed grab more eyeballs. Working from home means sending lots of email. Some are strictly information. Some are to capture a prospects attention. There are many reasons for creating and sending email.

Unique Value Proposition Why You Should Have One

A Unique Value Proposition (UVP), in its strictest sense, provides concise insight on how what you have to offer will champion the specific needs of your clients. In other words, for your target audience, it is what you bring to the table that your competitors do not. There is another application for a UVP that […]

Affiliate Marketing How to Create Massive Passive Income

Why affiliate marketing is best comes down to the fact that essentially anyone can be an affiliate. You do not need a website. You do not need to be a nerd or high tech. And, you do not even need to market online. You can use text, phone, and other mediums to refer prospective buyers. More detail […]

First Impression Tips How to Win Review

First Impression Tips How to Win Review Take a moment and think about how you behave and feel when meeting someone for the first time. Do you make hasty assessments of the new person? Do you prejudge? First Impression Tips Door Swings Both Ways If you are like most of us, we have been guilty […]

100-Pound Telephone Paralysis of the Mind

100-Pound Telephone Paralysis of the Mind At one point in my life, I sold cars. Two life lessons I learned were about tire kickers and the 100-pound telephone. The 100-pound telephone really does exist. I saw it many times. It was especially evident on the quiet, slow days. Days with very few people driving in […]

Social Media Purpose Beyond the Obvious

Social Media Purpose Beyond Obvious Lame Rationale Size Location Niche Social media purpose is much deeper than what many brand managers, marketers, and businesses appreciate. Yes, a presence on social media is a must have for anyone or any business who earns their living through the purchasing power of people. The size of your business […]

Defeat Procrastination Live Better Live Healthier Be More Productive

DEFEAT PROCRASTINATION Live Better Live Healthier Be More Productive This defeat procrastination tip introduces the brain dump technique. Like many defeat procrastination tips, the brain dump technique is not new or even unique. You may even be familiar with it. What you will discover is that it is more than simply getting life or work […]