The purpose of email design tactics is to indeed grab more eyeballs. Working from home means sending lots of email. Some are strictly information. Some are to capture a prospects attention. There are many reasons for creating and sending email.

Doorstep Publications Email Design Tactics That Get Results

For most of us, we share a common reason. That is, each of our emails ought to include a CTA – Call To Action. That is, every email must have a purpose. No purpose equals a great way to lose followers.

However, most of us are not trained designers. We might have great content ideas for our next email campaign, but do not always know the best way to lay it out.

Email Design Tactics No Creative Genius Required

Here is the good news. Don’t worry if you are not a creative genius!

For many it seems daunting trying to find the right images and typography, picking a cool colour palette, and laying out the content properly. But there are tricks that will help you succeed in creating a design strategy that works. Below I share three of them.

First, here is why quality email is important. You have approximately 8 seconds of your readers’ attention before they lose interest. Eight seconds is approximately three blinks of the eye.

What this means is that while your content must be relevant and add value, job one is to make sure people actually read it.

Get the picture. No one cares if what you have to share is Pulitzer-prize worthy. If the layout is not inviting and easy-to-read, no one will take the time to engage. Like fine dining, how what you are about to eat is presented makes a difference.

3 Essential Email Design Tactics

That said, here are 3 essential design principles:

1. Don’t go too wide …

Keep your email or newsletter within 600 pixels wide. If your emails are too wide, the reader must scroll side-to-side which is really annoying. Distractions like this cause readers to move on.

2. Make it scannable …

Before delving into an email, people will scan the entire email to see what catches their eye. You can leverage this by using descriptive titles and bullet lists. Break up your key points into sections. This is not only more easily scannable but often more memorable.

3. Remember the power of three …
The makeup of an email and newsletter generally falls into three main sections:
• headline,
• body, and
• CTA (call-to-action).

These are the three key elements of your content hierarchy template for most emails and newsletters.

Doorstep Publications Newsletter Design Tactics That Get Results

3 Email Design Tactics To Get More Eyeballs

That’s it. Three quick tips that can and will make a difference in your open rate and CTA – call-to-action.

By-the-way, in the memorable words of the late Steve Jobs “…just one more thing…” there is a fourth tip.

Tip number four, you need a quality easy to implement email, newsletter, and campaign management system.

I recommend MailerLite. They are reliable and don’t nickel and dime you. Check’em out >>