Fear Can Make You Stronger Harness Its Energy

Fear Can Make You Stronger Harness Its Energy Doorstep Publications

Fear can make you stronger when you harness its energy.

When you grab hold of fear, you come to see it as a normal emotion.

Fear is not to be feared.

It is simply just another emotion, like happiness and joy.

The Positive or Upside Fear Can Make You Stronger

As in all emotions, there is a positive or upside to fear.

Being a little afraid can be beneficial because it bolsters your senses to risks. It keeps you alert.

Being scared enhances your mental focus.

There is also a negative psychology to fear.

Too much will have the opposite effect.

Feeling afraid, scared, or fearful for no apparent reason can be unhealthy.

Fear Has No Boundaries

Fear has no boundaries. It is not restricted by ethnic or cultural diversity.

It has no economic differentiators.

It is not gender or age specific.

Fear, at one time or another, has touched the heart and soul of just about everyone you know. You are not alone.

Success is not immune to fear.

When left unchecked, fear can consume you. Or, fear can make you stronger, when you harness its energy.

Exactly, fear can make you stronger when you harness its energy.

The key is to not let fear dictate your actions.

Do not let fear control you. You control fear.

Harness its energy.

Fear Has Many Disguises

Fear Has Many Disguises

Fear can make you stronger. But first you need to unmask it.

What do I mean by unmask?

Because fear is an emotion, it can grab hold of you in different ways.

It can be as basic as a mild anxiety. Or it can be as debilitating as overthinking everything to the point of stagnation. An overwhelming feeling of depression where nothing gets done.

Yet, under the right circumstances, fear can protect you from danger or stop impulsive behaviors.

Some refer to this experience as ‘…feeling the hairs on the back of their head tingling…

Others describe this as ‘gut instinct’.

Not All Fear Is Bad Not All Is Good

Not all types of fear are good for you.

The one generally most concerning is emotion.

Some suggest emotion often does more harm than good.

Unmanaged, how you feel about something, your emotion, can keep you from reaching your full potential.

Negative emotion can fuel procrastination. It can lead to stress.

Negative thinking, emotions, feelings of insecurity are a feeding trough for fear.

For example, say you are planning on resigning from your corporate position. You have a well thought out plan to launch your own business.

Sure, being aware of and concerned for the possibility of perhaps not doing as well as planned would be on your mind. But it is not something to dwell upon.

The risks are real. It is normal to experience fear. But this emotion, fear, should not prevent you from making the change.

How to Conquer Your Fear

The reality is, no matter how hard anyone of us can try, we will never be able to completely eliminate the emotion called fear.

What is the solution?

How about you make fear your ally?

That’s right.

You can grab hold and use the fear emotion to your advantage.

Harness the energy.

Redirect that energy in the fear emotion to the positive outcome you are focused on.

One example of how you could do this is by visualizing overcoming obstacles, reaching your goal, and achieving your definition of success.

See it in your mind.

Believe it.

William James, an American philosopher and psychologist in the early nineteen hundreds, is recognized as stating that what the mind can conceive and believe so can it achieve.

Visualization is powerful in turning negative emotion, fear, into a powerhouse of energy.

Fear Can Make You Stronger Visualization

Summary: Fear Can Make You Stronger Harness Its Energy

In this article we identified that fear is an emotion. It is an emotion that comes disguised in many different feelings.

We determined that fear has no boundaries. No one, not one single person, is immune from the emotion of fear.

We have seen that what we have in common is the ability to harness the energy that comes with fear. We can turn that around into a positive energized powerhouse.

How can one conquer fear?


Believing you can. Seeing the positive end results in your mind’s eye. This one tip is used by Olympic athletes, astronauts, business gurus, and everyday people.

Visualization is a proven method where fear can make you stronger when you focus on the positive and harness its energy.

Question: What is one strategy or tip you learned about fear that made a noticeable difference in your life? Let us know in the comments below.

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