Social Media Purpose Beyond Obvious Lame Rationale

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Social media purpose is much deeper than what many brand managers, marketers, and businesses appreciate.

Yes, a presence on social media is a must have for anyone or any business who earns their living through the purchasing power of people.

The size of your business does not make a difference. Where you are located does not make a difference. Neither does the niche you are in.

In fact, the smaller, tighter group of people interested in what you are offering, the more you need to be found on a social media platform.

Why Fully Engaged

If you were to ask, “Why is it so important to be fully engaged on one or two social media platforms?”, the answer we most often hear is “…because my target audience is there …

That is true.

The people who will invest in your offering, buy your product, become a member, or send you money for whatever reason, they are there.

But there is so much more to being engaged in social media. Being “there” is short sighted. That is only the tip of the iceberg of benefits for being active and engaged on social media.

Social Media Purpose Beyond the Obvious

Your target audience is there.

This is such a lame response.

It is like saying you wear boots in winter because snow is on the ground.

It is a given your audience is there. So, what!

The so what, exclamation mark, is that simply having a presence is far from any real social media purpose.

If you are in any kind of business at all where you need people to take action – join something, buy something, give something – then you need to be where they are.

That means a brick-and-mortar store, if needed. It means a kiosk in a shopping mall, if needed. It means a service vehicle, if needed.

In other words, to have any kind of business success, you need to be where your consumer, your target audience, is.

Simply saying your social media purpose is to be where your audience is means you are missing out on the real opportunity social media platforms have to offer..

Social Media Purpose

Not Brand Recognition Brand Awareness

There is absolutely no doubt in marketing brand recognition and brand awareness are symbiotic. The question is, in developing your social media purpose, is one more important than the other?

Answer – yes.

On social media, when it comes to the demographic you are targeting, one is more important.

Question, which would you prefer …

  1. A potential consumer able to recognize your widget, or
  2. someone being able to relate to your brand’s reputation, culture, values and social position?

Just as the word ‘social’ implies, audiences on social media platforms are communities of people with close aggregates. This means people come together to rant, to rave, to complain, and to compliment in pods or groups who feel as they do.

Why is this important in developing your social media purpose?

On social media, people listen to, follow, and connect with businesses who they see as being representative of their beliefs and values. That is brand awareness.

Many years ago, a couple was in the final stages of signing documents to close a sale when the owner’s son walked by. Seeing an opportunity to make the deal even more personal, I waved him in.

As I introduced him, the couple looked at one another. One asked, “Is this business part of … group?” “Yes”, he replied.

The couple looked at each other once again. Then the husband turned to me, placed the pen on my desk, and calmly stated “We can’t go through with this. We see things differently.” They left.

I never did learn what “…we see things differently…” actually meant. What I did learn was to ensure future prospects knew up-front I was part of a larger group of companies, knew their values, and knew what the owners, from the top down, believed.

Social Media Purpose

A Rolex Is A Rolex Is A Rolex, Maybe

What does this have to do with your social media purpose?

Being able to recognize a Rolex is brand recognition. But there are knock offs. People can be tricked into believing what they are buying is an original.

That is not so for brand awareness. Had I not introduced the owner’s son, I would have had a sale. Maybe the buyers would have found out down the road. Maybe not.

Today, you do not have that luxury. As a brand manager, small business owner, network marketer, solopreneur choosing to launch a presence on any social media platform means being clear on who you are and what you stand for.

And, at some point down the road, should you need reassurance on what you represent, simply look at your followers.

Are they who you expected?


What are your thoughts regarding ‘being clear on who you are and what you stand for‘?

Let us know in the comments below.

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