Why Affiliate Marketing Is Best

Why affiliate marketing is best comes down to the fact that essentially anyone can be an affiliate. You do not need a website. You do not need to be a nerd or high tech. And, you do not even need to market online. You can use text, phone, and other mediums to refer prospective buyers. More detail below, but in a nutshell, if you are just starting out online, this is a key reason why affiliate marketing is best.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Best – Two Tier Passive Income

Are you aware that there are affiliate marketing programs where you can earn a commission for referring the program to others who also become affiliates?

Even more exciting are programs where, for example, someone who found the product or service through your link likes it so much they sign-up to become an affiliate

When this happens, what this means, is that because the person bought the product or service through your link, you will receive a percentage of the sales she or he make in the future. Just one more reason why affiliate marketing is best!

Affiliate Marketing Fantastic Way Earn Passive Income

In case you are new, and I am going too fast for you, let me back up a step.

You probably already know that Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic way to earn passive income.

Affiliate marketing is all about you referring others to a sales page, service provider’s website, or if it is a product the product description page, or digital download.

What is great for you as an online marketer is that you have no inventory, no shipping, and no customer service. In other words, no stress!

Your Role Affiliate Marketer

What is your role as an affiliate marketer?

Simply this. All you need to do is connect people with the products or services they are looking for. Easy-peezy!!

In other words, you are the link between the service or product and the prospect.

Best of all, affiliate marketing is also a great place to launch your online business.


Because you do not need a website. And, even a beginner can quickly learn to make serious income.

Plus, there is an even bigger opportunity.

Two Tier Affiliate Programs

Imagine the potential earnings for you from affiliate programs that are multi-tier?

You guessed it. Some affiliate marketing programs will pay you a commission for referring others who become affiliates.

This is another reason why affiliate marketing is best.

A two-tier system means you are earning on the sales you make AND on the sales of the people you refer or people who invested in the product or service you recommended and now want to market it.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there can be an occasional challenge with getting started. But in general, it is pretty easy.

What to Look For Affiliate Program

What I look for in any affiliate program is longevity. That is, the affiliate program has to have been around for at least 5-years.

I also look for ease of getting paid. I like being paid through PayPal.

Cookies are another key factor for me.

I look for at least a 30-day cookie.

In case you are wondering, when a prospect clicks your affiliate link to check out the product or service you are referring, a cookie is placed to track future visits. All a 30-day cookie means is that if the prospect returns to the vendor’s website in the next 30-days, you will still get credit for the sale.

There are a few other considerations, but longevity, PayPal, and cookie are on the top of the list for me.

Easy to Join 2-Tier Affiliate Program

An affiliate marketing program I recommend and one you may even want to jump in on is Share-A-Sale.

I recommend it because of the diversity in products and services it provides affiliate marketers. There is something there for everyone.

Plus, it is a two-tier program.

Once enrolled, you can refer others to become affiliates as well as do well with the products you promote.

To sum up, why affiliate marketing is best can be summarized nicely as anyone can do it.

So, if you are looking for a two-tier affiliate marketing program, here is who I recommend Share-A-Sale.

Question: Do you have a favourite affiliate program you recommend?
Let us know in the comments below.

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